Food Suitable For The Sport Of Bodybuilding

Protein is available in white and red meat, eggs, legumes, such as beans, lentils and so on in this way you make your body in a permanent state of constructivism, where the consumption of a large amount of protein helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. This means building the best.  Owners must renal failure or insufficiency and kidney functions to avoid eating large amounts of protein, the difficulty of the kidneys to get rid of nitrogen.  Consists of protein acids contain nitrogen, nitrogen is 16% of the protein. There are 25 species of amino acids are classified as follows:  Essential amino acids: which is not manufactured by the body and therefore needs to have a constant supply from abroad  . Aloizuliossin  . Leucine  . Valin  . Tryptophan  . Lysine  . Althreonin  . Methionine  .  Old School New Body Review

Fenella Lin  The amino acids are essential half Klata:  . Histidine  . Taurine  Unless here is an amino acid non-essential, and the difference between it and the other amino acids is that this group made in the body.  Benefits of these acids:  Glutamine and is considered the most important amino acids, although it is not essential (manufactured in the body), and because it is made with a small amount and there are periods (pressure myself or my body) your body needs this acid more than what is produced, and that's what requires to be addressed from an external source. 

Represents glutamine approximately 60% of the protein muscle and lower level is the beginning of the process of breaking this muscle and the beginnings of the demolition of the tissue.  And plays glutamine an important role in maintaining the efficiency of the immune system, and whenever enjoyed muscles more increased proportion of glutamine in the body and become your immune system stronger.  For more information

Prevents glutamine from demolitions in the muscle by compensating depletes it, has shown Glutamine improvement in the cells and increase protein synthesis in them.  Dose proposed for this acid is 20-30 C daily.  Branched chain amino acids and is responsible for a large percentage of your strength and your size muscular, have a role in stimulating the secretion of growth hormone.  Helps in maintaining glycogen (carbohydrate muscle), which helps to reduce the demolitions and increased construction of tissue muscle.  Reduce these acids rates of fatigue (physical and mental), and that means better training.

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